Why am I Not Losing Weight on Keto? – Amazing Keto FAQs 2021

Why am I Not Losing Weight on Keto

There are many people that usually ask this question that Why am I Not Losing Weight on Keto. The answer can be simple as well as very complex depending on your condition. So, first you need to know what is ketosis? and why you are not losing the weight?

 Ketosis is the process in which body starts to use the fats for energy rather than the carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are usually called carbs and this is the easy energy available for the body to use. So, when we eat body stores the fats and starts to consume the carbohydrates for energy.

So, to let the body use the fats you need to limit the carbs from your dirt. So, it was seen that lowering the amount of carbs from the diet takes the body to the process known as ketosis. However, the process of ketosis is hard to achieve and it takes time.

So, you are required to have exercise in addition to the diet for increasing the process of ketosis.

Why am I not Losing Weight on keto?

Why am I not Losing Weight on keto

So here are some reasons that are not letting you lose the weight and you may be asking that Why am I Not Losing Weight on Keto

the reasons might be:

  • You may be living sedentary life
  • You may be having things that are rich in carbs but you are unaware of them such as bubble gum, honey and so on.
  • You may be relying on the diet only and not doing the exercise.
  • You may be having dirty keto diets and enjoying cheat days in the diet.
  • You may be skipping the days and disrupting ketosis
  • You may be having supplements rich in carbs
  • Nutrients or minerals deficiency can also lead to weight gain. So, you are cutting things from your diet and now it is important for you to fulfill the body requirement.

If these are not the reasons then you may have to go to the doctor for check up. You doctor may be able to identify the reason behind not achieving weight loss with such diet and exercise.

Genetics and life style is also to be blamed because you may saw people that have high carb and still they do not get fat. So, if you want a slimmer body you can start by changing the diet as well as your exercise.

Keto Diet

You can also change your previous diet with the new one same goes for your exercise. When you change the two things then might be possible the new diet and exercise clicks your ketosis system. However, people also go for dietary supplements.

There are many supplements that contain BHB as its key ingredient and by introducing BHB in the body many manufacturer claims that you can boost the process of ketosis. However, the dietary supplements are not regulated by FDA and they are usually there to correct the nutrients, vitamins and minerals of the body.

Before you go for the supplement ask your doctor first because your health provider may know more things that you may not.

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There could be many reasons behind why am I Not Losing Weight on Keto? However, the main reasons are mentioned in the article that was you may be not having actual keto diet or having dirty keto. You may be having little or no physical exercise.

If having the things mentioned in the article not work try to change the things. You can change the whole diet to the new diet and you can also change the exercise to the whole new exercise. You need to know that once the process of ketosis is started you have to maintain It and avoid having cheat days.

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